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Meet Scott Anderson

Scott is a regional professional in Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Energy Healing Arts including Reiki, Aura Clearing and Christ-force Healing. He maintains certifications in Compass School Feng Shui and Elemental Space Clearing® and is a graduate of the Energy Mastery Academy.

Scott is a shamanic practitioner and is proficient in shamanic journeying and ceremony. Scott gained advanced meditation techniques as a student of American Buddhism. Scott uses both Shamanic and Buddhist techniques and tools in the assessment and performance of space clearings and feng shui consultations.

He has over 35 years experience in project development and facilities management of commercial and residential properties. Scott currently lives in San Diego, California with his husband Ariel and their German Shepard Luna.

Anderson Environment Services is the only space clearing service provider I recommend. I have known Scott for over 4 years and had the privilege of working with him to space clear various homes and business offices. I have learned a lot from him and he has a unique ability to integrate his Shamanic abilities and Feng Shui training in identifying, evaluating and balancing potential problem (negative or null energy) areas. Using his clearing tools, he transforms the negative or stuck energy so that the positive will prevail and heal the space.

– David Clinard, Spring Valley, CA

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