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Residential Services

How effectively we perform our skills, nurture our families or relax at the end of our day is greatly influenced by how well our homes and offices support these activities. We maximize the potential of our homes and businesses when they are well organized, functional and pleasing to our senses. The most effective and proven system of environment management is the Art and Science of Feng Shui

These principles allow us to create and maintain optimal living and working spaces in harmony with nature. While each property has it’s unique attributes and challenges, significant improvements are most often accomplished by making simple yet cost effective changes in the placement and organization of existing equipment, furnishings and decor.

Our Residential Consultation Packages feature our most popular services:


Personal Interview

 to assess your home’s ability to support your family’s needs and expectations in 9 areas of support.



of your interior and exterior living spaces using Compass and Form schools of Feng Shui.



for enhancing and maintaining both the interior and exterior of your home to provide you and your family to support your lifestyle, needs and goals.


We offer 3 comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation Packages:

Compact Home Consultation: $600 For residences up to 1,200 sq. ft of living space.

Standard Home Consultation: $750 For residences up to 3,000 sq. ft of living space.

Executive Home Consultation: $900 For residences up to 5,500 sq. ft. of living space.

For residences over 5,500 sq. ft, please call for a custom quote. Residential Services Price Schedule: Additional Services: $85.00/hr. Travel outside of San Diego County: $45/hr. one way

I recently moved from an apartment complex into an older house. It was an exciting change for me and I quickly got used to the extra space. After about a month however I noticed a strange uneasy feeling whenever I entered certain rooms at night. I did my best to ignore the feeling but pretty soon it became so bad that I started to avoid these rooms completely. I had a space clearing done on the house and it was absolutely incredible. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and takes on his work with a very calm and soothing approach. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas in the house and help me to understand what I can do about them. After our session together I noticed a complete night and day difference inside my home. I haven’t had any more strange feelings and can happily say that I can stay home on weekends and actually feel relaxed. I have since followed his advice and have been continuing to develop the type of living environment I have always wanted. 

– Chris M, Imperial Beach, CA

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