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Home Organization, Interior Design & Project Management Services

Whether you are needing help to clear clutter in your home or business, planning a remodel project or selecting a site for a new construction project, we offer a variety of consultation services to help you. We can provide support for any or all stages of your project, partnering with regional skilled and certified professionals who can integrate key elements of Feng Shui design into the planning, build-out and finishing stages of your project.

I have worked professionally with Scott on several interior design projects. Each of our collaborations provided me yet another opportunity to witness just how effective he is and how closely he works with his clients. I quickly found Scott’s understanding of the building process and his ability to keep things on track, coupled with his innate ability to communicate as a member of a team, to be just the start of his strengths. His attention to detail and explanation of the principles of Feng Shui through the process was invaluable. I would recommend him to anyone interested in significantly improving their personal and/or professional self.

– Dianne Sheridan, Designer, Dianne Sheridan Designs

Clutter Clearing

We offer clutter clearing support to help you to assess and sort your household belongings into what you actually need and use regularly, what items you love but don’t frequently use and finally which items you no longer need which can be released and repurposed.

We will help you create a personalized strategy to maintain your home clutter free for long term successful living and finish with a space clearing to reset the energies within your home. 

We provide a free initial consultation, either in your home using appropriate social distancing or via internet meeting (Zoom or Facetime) to discuss your needs. We will then prepare and provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your budget and needs.

Interior Design, Remodeling & Rebuilding Projects

Incorporating Feng Shui design principles into your remodel or rebuild project is a fantastic way to support the current trend of adding elements of your most loved destination vacation environments into your living spaces. It’s a practical way to bring the elements which bring us the most comfort, joy and inspiration into our homes and businesses. It’s no accident these elements also give us a heightened sense of well being and security. 

The more we integrate the elements of nature into our living and working spaces, the more comfortable we will be living in them, the more productive we will be working in them and the more likely our families and friends will enjoy spending time in them.

The elements of natural lighting, fresh circulating air, the sounds of moving water for noise reduction, access to living plants and the use of natural materials, textures and colors easily enhance any space in harmony with any style and design aesthetic. Attention to the flow of energy within living spaces improves the efficiency of their use and improves our ability to create, interact and rest within them. Whether you are doing modest home design improvements on your own or working with a number of contractors to remodel or your home or expand your business, we can provide support at all stages of your project.

Site Selection & New Construction

The absolute most efficient time to integrate the principles of Feng Shui into a project is at the concept stage of plan development. This gives you the opportunity to identify the best features of a building site, whether it’s for a single home, a housing development or business complex.

By maximizing a site’s natural potential in the placement of buildings, hardscape and landscape, you not only produce a superior product but often at reduced cost.

We can help your design team integrate these elements into planning and development and provide support during all phases or construction.


Home Organization: Free initial consultation to provide you with a custom quote

Design and Project Management services $85.00/hr

Custom discounted packages negotiable for 10, 20 and 40 hourly increments (additional hours will be at the regular hourly rate).

Travel outside of San Diego County: $45.00/hr. (one way only)

Anderson Environment Services is amazing! A colleague referred Scott to me after having a space clearing of her office and spoke very highly of Scott and his services. Not having experience with space clearing or Feng Shui, I was not sure what to expect. I was floored as I watched Scott “clear” my new home. I witnessed the power of space clearing first hand and could not be happier with my decision to try something new in order to obtain a positive and balanced flow of energy through my home. I highly recommend Scott with Anderson Environment Services for all of your space clearing and feng shui needs.

– Garret M., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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