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The process by which Scott worked with us was amazing. My husband and I live in a two bedroom rental condo. When we moved in, we were trying to place our previous furniture and décor in new spaces, but having a difficult time understanding the placement as well as the new floor plan. It was designing in the dark. From beginning to end, his advice and suggestions were practical and well received. He researched who we are and incorporated our style and personalities into the designs and modifications, allowing us to bring out our strengths. Before we met Scott, we had felt a bit off and misplaced. But after consulting with him, we made some minor changes and received an understanding of our home areas, numerology and color selections. He was spot on with the number of our condo having a strong energy toward creating a family. Now our home life feels centered and balanced.

– Melissa Spratt, San Marcos, CA


I had Scott come to our home to cleanse and make it feel more energized. He moved several pieces of furniture and “saged” every room in the house. Afterwards, my husband, 14 year-old daughter, and I felt a major shift in the way we interacted with one another. I am a Marriage and Family Psychotherapist and immediately felt the positive energy that came from Scott’s cleansing of each room in the house. I appreciated Scott’s abilities in the art of Feng Shui as it released a lot of positive energy for me personally and professionally. I highly recommend Scott’s services in space clearing as it invigorates life.

– Sarah Cook Ruggera, MA, MFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


When I purchased my new home, I asked Scott to clear the living space, as the former owner left me with a feeling of negative energy. On the day of the appointment, Scott arrived promptly then took a few minutes to acquaint himself with my home. I was fascinated with the methods he used, and followed him from room to room, enjoying the vibrations and sounds Scott created. When he had completed the space clearing exercise, he let me know there was no residual negativity left. Since then, I’ve been more comfortable at home, knowing I’m surrounded by good energy. I highly recommend Scott and Anderson Environment Services.

– Margaret M., San Diego, CA


I had Scott Feng Shui my home last year. He was very professional and courteous. His attention to detail was amazing. The plant in the right hand corner of my living room, less clutter on my mantel and the water feature next to my bed for my work life were just a few of the changes that has made my home my sanctuary. I did almost all of his suggestions, and was very happy with the results. I highly recommend his services. I have just made an appointment for space clearing.

– Karen P., La Mesa, CA


I represent an investor who refurbishes houses and needs to get them back on the market and sold fast. Twice I had a very hard time getting buyers interested in my product and each time Scott came to the rescue. Each time Scott did a clearing on the property I had an accepted offer within two days. After Scott worked his magic the houses had more showings and the positive energy shift was amazing. After these two experiences I refer to Scott as the house whisperer. If you want to get your house sold or create positive energy in your surroundings, I highly recommend Scott Anderson.

– Chuck Street, Bonita, CA


Scott, our dear friend and former neighbor, has cleared 3 homes in our family, and each time it’s been such a joyful experience. Scott has a true gift, and works on a different level, consciously, than most people. He can feel energy that other people wouldn’t notice, and with his space clearing techniques he moves any “bad” energy out of the house so that you and your family can live peacefully in your space. Thank you, Scott – see you at our next home!

– Jordan, Lauren & Charlie, Carlsbad, CA


Anderson Environment Services is the only space clearing service provider I recommend. I have known Scott for over 4 years and had the privilege of working with him to space clear various homes and business offices. I have learned a lot from him and he has a unique ability to integrate his Shamanic abilities and Feng Shui training in identifying, evaluating and balancing potential problem (negative or null energy) areas. Using his clearing tools, he transforms the negative or stuck energy so that the positive will prevail and heal the space.

– David Clinard, Spring Valley, CA