Space Clearing is the peaceful art of clearing and healing an environment of stagnant or undesired energies from a wide variety of sources. The causes for unpleasant and unhealthy energies to become trapped within or attracted to a place can range from a variety of events, such as economic hardship, the suffering of chronic disease, emotional distress, criminal activity, accidents, domestic violence, etc. Activities such as these can leave an energetic residue or essence behind in a place long after the events have occurred.

Our Professional Space Clearing and Home Healing services use Sound Entrainment, Smudging and Blessing Ceremonies, and are part of our comprehensive Residential Consultation Packages.

Energy Clearing, also commonly referred to as space clearing, is used to unblock or clear the energy of a home, business or parcel of land that has suffered significant stress from any number of undesirable events caused by man or nature. These activities can impact the natural flow of energy within an environment and can render a space undesirable, unproductive or uninhabitable.


Electro magnetic field disturbances, traumatic events, criminal activity and natural disasters are just a few examples of events that can leave an unhealthy imprint on a place while remaining unseen to the human eye. We have all experienced visiting a place that just felt “bad”, made us uncomfortable or physically ill for no apparent reason. Energy clearing has been in use for thousands of years and within all religions and cultures. We specialize in restoring the natural balance of energy in all environments.

There are many effective tools and traditions used in the history of space clearing. While the term “space clearing” is fairly new to our language, it’s use and traditions goes back much further than Feng Shui itself. The use of prayers & blessings, the burning of holy incense, the smudging of sacred herbs and resins, ritual singing, chanting, ceremonial dancing are all common space clearing techniques common within all faiths and cultures in preparing and purifying a space for all activities. We offer Smudging and Blessing Ceremonies upon request at no additional charge with all Space Clearings. We are very happy to incorporate your cultural and religious traditions in clearing your space and encourage you and your family to take an active part in clearing and maintaining your home’s energy environment.
One of the most effective and environment friendly methods of space clearing is through sound entrainment. The principle is very simple; the use of high frequency sound waves raises the vibrational frequency of a space, forcing lower vibrating energies to dissipate. Sound travels effectively through solid objects (about 60 times faster than through the air) and into hard to access areas, such as crawlspaces, inside walls and furniture.


Unlike traditional smudging or incense burning, it leaves no potential allergens or irritants in the form of fragrance or smoke, especially important in commercial buildings where smudging is not practical due to sensitive smoke & fire detectors or offices with a no fragrance policy.

It is extremely effective in restoring and maintaining the energetic health of a space or location with no environmental side effects.

We learned years ago in the early age of space exploration that our bodies are physically weakened when removed from the magnetic field of our planet. Our most popular vacation destinations are very often natural environments where the earth’s magnet field resonance is ideal for us to renew and refresh ourselves.

The magnetic frequency of homes and businesses are often impacted by the wide variety of electronic devices operating within them. Many appliances continue to use electricity and create unhealthy EMF’s even when they are turned off. You might be surprised which ones create unusually high levels of EMF in your home or office.

Have you ever wondered how far you really need to stand away from your microwave oven when it’s being used? Did you know that unhealthy EMF’s can also interfere with the quality of your sleep and your body’s ability to rest and regenerate at night?

Have you ever wondered if the equipment you use at work poses a potential hazard to your health? We can provide a comprehensive EMF assessment of your living and work space and offer practical solutions to minimize EMF health risks to you, your family, your employees and even your pets.

Space Clearing & Healing Price Schedule:

Residential Space Clearing:  $250.00 flat fee

Commercial Space Clearing:  $150.00/hr

Home & Healing Services:  $150.00/hr

Out of SD County Travel: $35.00/hr, 1-way

Please call for out of CA state travel rates.

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