Whether its selecting a site for a new construction project, planning a layout for a remodel, or working to design your own space, we offer an amazing variety of Design Services. We can offer support at any or all stages of your project, helping you integrate key elements into the planning and development stages.

The absolute most efficient time to integrate the principles of Feng Shui into a project is at the concept stage of plan development. This gives you the opportunity to identify the best features of a building site, whether it’s for a single home, a housing development of business complex.


By maximizing a sites natural potential in the placement of buildings, hardscape and landscape, you not only produce a superior product but often at reduced cost. Applying Feng Shui into the building concept also is key to integrating it’s function in harmony with nature, increasing the marketability of your project. Before central heating and air conditioning were invented, Feng Shui architectural principles applied the natural energy of the sun and it’s trajectory across the horizon to light and heat spaces.

What are now popular technologies used in green building have been used in Feng Shui for thousands of years. Radiant heat from the sun, air convection for ventilation, placement of different activity centers or rooms in harmony with the natural environment have long been used in Feng Shui architectural design. We can help your design team integrate these elements into planning and development and provide support during all phases or construction.

Incorporating Feng Shui design principles into your remodel or rebuild project is a fantastic way to support the current trend of re-creating destination vacation environments into our living spaces. It’s a practical way to bring the elements that bring us the most comfort, joy and inspiration we discover in our travels into our homes and businesses. It’s no accident these elements also give us a heightened sense of well being and security. We share DNA with all life on this planet but we have only been living in artificial man-made environments for a relatively short time in our genetic history. The more we integrate the elements of nature into our living and working spaces, the more comfortable we will be using them, the more productive we will be working in them and the more likely our guests will want to spend time in them. The elements of natural lighting, fresh circulating air, the sounds of moving water for noise reduction, access to living plants and the use of natural materials, textures and colors easily enhance any space in harmony with any style and design aesthetic. Attention to the flow of energy within living spaces improves the efficiency of their use and improves our ability to create, interact and rest within them. Whether you are doing modest home improvements on your own or working with a number of contractors rebuilding your business, we can provide support at all stages of your project.
Are you working to design your own space and just can’t seem to achieve balance and harmony between elements you want to use? Color Theory is an amazing Feng Shui inspired interior design system that brings balance into any design though careful attention to shapes, colors, materials and textures.


Most of us can look at a space and articulate what looks good or not but sometimes it’s more challenging to articulate why a space feels great or not so good. We can love all the elements in a room but still feel that something is off or missing. In the same token, we can be in a room where we are not particularly attracted to any of the elements but somehow the space feels good and complete. Feng Shui creates balance and harmony with the elements of nature and the flow of Chi or energy in their placement.

Color Theory takes the principles of Feng Shui to the next level by working at the design level through attention to shapes, color, textures or all materials and bring balance and harmony into any and all design styles. All these characteristics have a value that is either Ying or Yang and by balancing them within a space, we are able to achieve harmony and create a design that feels as good as it looks.

We can help you finish your room or work with you in creating an entirely new look that is complete and timeless.

Design Services Price Schedule:

Design Consultation Fees:  $85.00/hr

Out of SD County Travel: $35.00/hr, 1-way

*Call for out of CA state travel fees